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Be inspired. Get creative. Paint the night away.

Each class includes beverages (wine, etc.), light snacks, all the materials you need, step-by-step instructions, and a ton of fun!

You go home with your own masterpiece and we clean up the mess!!

August 29, 2014

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
ONLY $40 (11x14 canvas).

Studio 101 West
5920 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422

For more information and to sign-up:  

SIGN UP NOW (Space is limited, sign ups must be made and paid online.)


No experience necessary - just an appetite for fun.


It is a mathematical art of sorts. Recently we had three sets of dominoes mixed together, a set of double sixes, double nines, and double twelves. It doesn't take a genius to sort them, I am sure. However, the artistic side of my brain struggled against the math side, so it took me a while to figure it out. My "logical" husband finally jumped in and got it done. So, just in case you've been struggling to sort those tins of dominoes here's how a set of double twelves should look:

From a graphic arts point of view, the patterns are pretty cool and now it makes complete sense to me!

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In the world of art, nudity is unavoidable. As a parent, you will need to discern what you want your student to view. Most nudity appearing in art before 1900 can be considered discrete, however, some may still find it offensive. Drawing on History recommends the accompanying text, ART by DK, which does contain nudity but to a lesser degree than most art history books. We must realize that the uncovered human body, especially that of women, has always held a fascination for artists. For most artists, “the nude” is a masterpiece all on its own. The European artists never considered anything wrong with painting the nude. Today, however, many of us have concerns about exposing our children to nude figures in paintings. As an artist, as well as a Christian mom, I have these same concerns. I chose to limit the exposure of nude art to my own children as much as possible and found that in almost all cases it wasn’t necessary to view a nude painting in order to understand the artist or the movement. There were always plenty of other paintings that we could study.

Drawing on History - Homeschool Art Lessons - High School Art Curriculum - Knoodleu Publishing
Drawing on History art lessons do not use any examples of nude men or women to teach the art movements. There are, however, many recommended websites, books, and movies that may contain nude figures. It is important to express to your student that God created the human body as a masterpiece and man, because of sin, has corrupted our view of it. If your student chooses to go on to study art in college, nudity will be unavoidable and you will have hopefully set a firm foundation for how God wants us to view the human body.

Drawing on History is an interactive approach to art appreciation and art history, designed and written for homeschool or independent high school students, individually or in a group setting. Drawing on History, Pre Civil War – Vietnam covers one year of required high school fine arts credits, giving the student an overview of many of the major art movements from Romanticism of the 1830s to Psychedelic art of the 1960s. This book was written to parallel the Beautiful Feet U.S. and World History curriculum, but can stand alone or be used to enhance any world history curriculum by teaching hands-on art lessons for each time period. While creating art in the style of the masters, students will gain a better understanding of world history and art history as they unfold together.
Included with each book is exclusive access to the Resource Center at KnoodleU.com which provides valuable lesson support, videos, and free project downloads to enhance your studies. Visit KnoodleU.com to see our growing Student Gallery and much more.

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KnoodleU™ (ka-noodle-u): a fictitious word meant to represent a place, an action, or an idea; primarily to use your brain (your noodle) in order to create art and express yourself without limits.


art lessons - Drawing on History - fine art - art history - high school fine art projects - KnoodleU Publishing
Fine art credit for high school homeschool students is many times the hardest task for parents to figure out. Drawing on History takes all the worry, headache, and stress out of the equation. Beyond that, Drawing on History gives each student: solid lesson plans to create amazing art projects, basic instruction about many historic art movements – while they experience it, and a free resource center for tips and extra help. This book will cover one year of high school fine art credit. Drawing on History could also be used for Jr. high students.

Art Lessons - Homeschool Art - High School Art Lessons - Fine Art Credit for High School
Art Lessons - High School Fine Art Credit - One Year Fine Art Credit - Drawing on History - KnoodleU Publishing
High School Art Lessons - Homeschool Art Lessons - Knoodle U Publishing - Drawing on History

Plan on taking care of the fine art credit this year and purchase Drawing on History from one of our distributors or directly from our website at KnoodleU.com

Art Lessons - Homeschool Art Lessons - Art History - Fine Art Credit
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Atascadero Art and Wine Tour is Friday, June 6, 2014 - 5:30-8:30! Come by Studio 101 West to have a preview of what happens in one of Deborah Swanson's My Masterpiece classes. Wine tasting will be available by our favorite "artistic" winery, Sculpterra.

Many businesses in the downtown district keep their doors open late, hosting an artist and a winery. It is a lovely evening to stroll through your very own downtown art district.

Unlimited wine tasting wristband are available, the night of, for $10 at the corner of Traffic Way and Entrada.

Next My Masterpiece class:
Van Gogh - Sunflowers
Friday, May 9, 2014 - 6:30-9:30pm
Seats are limited – advanced registration is necessary for all classes.

Van Gogh Sunflowers - Art and Wine Painting Party - Atascadero - Painting for Adults
My Masterpiece class. Van Gogh's Sunflowers
Information will also be available on Studio 101 West Photography, Studio 101 West Marketing & Design, Miss Matisse Dance, and Elevé Barre.


WWII Mounuments Men - Art History - Drawing on History - KnoodleU
Walker Hancock, Lamont Moore, George Stout and two unidentified soldiers in Marburg, Germany, June 1945.
(Thomas Carr Howe papers, Archives of American Art)
I had the chance to see the movie Monuments Men, by George Clooney tonight. Such a rich piece of our history which I had never heard before. Even sitting in hours of art history classes in art school, I never heard it before. I knew a lot of art was destroyed and stolen. I knew that the US has a large, under lock-and-key, collection of Hitler's own art. I knew that our soldiers found stolen art, but I had no clue that the US military sent men and women (from many nations) in specifically to recover so much art work.

It shows me, once again, that the WWII generation was truly the Greatest Generation.
"These men not only had the vision to understand the grave threat to the greatest cultural and artistic achievements of civilization, but then joined the front lines to do something about it." (from TheMonumentsMen.com
Today we are very fortunate that these men had the passion and tenacity to rescue some of our world's greatest treasures.

If you want to read more about it, Smithsonian did an informative article on the Monuments Men.
Or go see the movie, I highly recommend it.

George Clooney's movie, Monuments Men was based on the book, Monuments Men by Robert Edsel.